SP Farm House : Heavenly Place to Spend Your Vacation or Celebrate Occasions.

      There are many occasions in life when we need out of the world location and accommodation to celebrate that particular moment. Sometimes we just need a day out with family and friends to escape from the day to day life and have a peaceful and relaxing time. We understand your needs and provide you with high quality and personalized services to our guests. SP farm is a popular farm house and are serving our clients since 2000. We have each and every facility that can make your vacation, wedding, day outs, meetings a success and great experience.

Let's have a look at the amenities we provide.

Water Slides: - Roaring Rapid Adventure
If you are on a vacation with your kids then having water fun is essential. In fact water slides are not just for the kids, but adults as well. Who says you cannot be a kid once again and vacation is the perfect excuse you can get to be a child again. We provide our guests with the water slides where they can have great fun and kids love to hang out here. The slide is great and comfortable for the kids to climb and there is a wading pool where children love splashing water. There are different types of water slides which you are going to enjoy here. We are really going to have great water fun with our wide range of water slides here. We often see parents becoming children again.
Swimming Pool: -Wash Away The Stress
We provide our guests with a swimming pool facility and who does not want to have a dip after a long journey. Swimming is a relaxing exercise and the wonderful part is that it is enjoyed by all the age groups. We have a large swimming pool, consistently cleaned and maintained. Most of our guests like to swim after their long journeys when they arrive here. You can swim and relax here, splash water with your children or just chill in the corner. Relaxation is the one of the things which we serve to our guests here at SP farms.
DJ Systems: - All Out Party Fiesta
There are a variety of services and modern amenities which we provide to our guests. For parties and weddings we provide DJ facilities so that you can party all night and celebrate the occasions. We hire some of the best DJs to rock your party. DJs provide you with the latest track and music on demand at the volume you want. Entertainment is the most important part in the wedding and party and our DJ services promises to entertain all age groups. We provide our guests with an elegant event, you just have to pick the music and energy level and rest DJ we will do it all.
AC - Non AC Bungalows: - Have Comfy Stay
We offer both AC /Non AC accommodation to our guests which they can choose according to their needs. The rooms are decorated with the modern amenities and have enough space to have a comfortable stay. The rooms are stylish and have each and every facility you need to make your stay a comfortable and relaxing one. Guests can choose their accommodation according to their needs and requirements.
Games And Fun For Children:-
SP farm is a place where everyone is going to have something. Keeping children in mind, we have designed games and other activities for children. Children will love having a train ride, parks having animal structures, games and other activities. Your children are definitely going to have a great time here. There are lots of activities which will keep your child active and happy here. We provide a safe environment for a child so that you can allow them to move around freely. For vacation children also want their space and privacy and we provide them with full freedom with a secure environment. For children, we have designed both outdoor and indoor spaces where they can have loads of fun.